Mixed Blood in the White House Not at Georgia Prom

Although the country has a "Mixed Blood" President in 2009.
Some White parents in Montgomery County, Georgia are boycotting the local high school Prom.
These parents refuse to pay for an Interracial Senior Prom and hold a Whites only Prom.

Their main objection seems to be all the rubbing and grinding that Black Males exhibit with Black Females during dances.

They are vehemently opposed to such disrespect being displayed toward their daughters and a lowering of their image and morals by Blacks.
Moreover, they are emphatically unwilling to accept any mixed children that result from such festivities.

What this verifies is that despite the increased freedoms and opportunities for Blacks under the law, Black Crime - Drug Abuse - Battles, Community Morals, Values and Respect for Black Women have not kept pace. This has not encouraged White Parents in Montgomery County, Georgia, to embrace diversity.