Masterstroke - Governor Blagojevitch Appoints African-American - Burris to U.S. Senate


Big Daddy Rod Blagojevitch, threw down the gauntlet with his appointment of former Illinois Attorney general, Roland Burris. Clearly, he has challenged the Senate leadership to accept his legal appointee or embroil the Senate in a Constitutional crisis.

Also, this move gives him leverage with the current charges of trying to sell Obama's Senate seat.
He can now demonstrate that a qualified, untainted African-American candidate was, in fact, appointed.
In the opinion of this observer this renders the accusations of federal prosecutor, Patrick Leahey as moot.

Burris is an untainted appointee and would be the only African-American in the US Senate.
Governor Blagojevitch has doubled down and upped the price. The Governor maintains hat he has not been indicted nor found guilty of any wrong doing. Thus he is empowered to carry out his legal duties including appointing Mr. Burris to fill Obama's vacated senate seat. The Democrats could have organized a special election--which the Governor supported--the Democrats failed to act. Thus the Governor acted to have two senators in place for the swearing in on January 6, 2009.

Today, Mr. Burris was refused his rightful seat because his credentials, signed by the Governor, were viewed by Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, as not being in order--failing a certification by Illinois Secretary of State, Jessie White. White has refused to certify because the Governor has a cloud of suspicion hanging over him.