Obama Exacerbates Recession - Signs Equal Pay Legislation

Obama Signs Equal Pay Legislation

Obama Equal pay

Obama Exacerbates Recession - Signs Equal Pay Legislation

Obama signified his intention to add fuel to the recession by empowering thousands of women to bring suit against employers past and present for wage discrimination.

Women's rights activists applaud this long over due move. Women are entitled to equal pay grievances and due recourse. However, George Bush would not sign such legislation. He reasoned that this would bring undue economic hardships to many businesses.

This observer stands aghast in the middle of the greatest economic crisis in American history. While thousands of businesses are laying off legions of people and, or going bankrupt, Obama gleefully signs into law, equal pay legislation that will surely launch thousands of wage-discrimination law suits that will precipitate adverse legal decisions. Most of these adversely affected companies will be forced to liquidate assets, file for bankruptcy and cease to exist. Ultimately the Obama logic--lack of wisdom--will bankrupt thousands of companies in the name of economic recovery.

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