Judge Chokes on Oath - Obama Refuses to Submit Documents

Obama Sworn In 3

Obama Defies Supreme Court--Forces Swearing In

Travesty of Justice - Shredding of The U. S. Constitution.

Despite a direct order by chief Justice John Roberts, to submit his birth certificate poste haste, Obama has refused.
Thus, we witness the swearing in, ironically by Justice Roberts, even though Obama has yet to prove his birth as a Natural Born U. S. citizen eligible to run and to be elected President of the United States.

Most conspicuously, Justice Roberts choked on the oath. No doubt he was hesitant because of the gravity of the situation.
Here's the scene. The Judge has been duped by Obama, into swearing in a Federal Criminal as the 44th President of the U. S.
Obviously this sense of trepidation caused the Judge to forget the order of the oath to be given.

The telling event was that on the next day, Obama summoned the Judge to give the oath again to make sure that the Judge's uncertainty did not taint the authenticity of Obama's swearing in.

Here's a tidbit. Obama voted against the confirmation of John Roberts for the Supreme Court.

This Misappropriation of Power must not turn out well!