Obama - Berlin - Kennedy-esque?

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Obama - Berlin - Kennedy-esque?

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Subject: Obama - Berlin - Kennedy-esque?

The Obama visit and speech were well received by the German people.

The campaign sought to boost his Foreign Policy credentials
It was a Love Fest. But the rhetoric did not press for specific policy actions.
This trip imitated but fell short of the aura and substance of the Kennedy, Reagan or Clinton speeches in Germany. Largely, because these men were actually President at the time of their visits.

It would appear that Obama has jumped the gun in order to establish some prestige on an international stage. He traveled in an airplane suggestive of Air Force One with the campaign slogan "Change You Can Believe In" emblazoned on the side. Despite this, Obama claimed to be visiting the country as a citizen not as a candidate. His poll numbers received a slight bump back in the states which soon slipped away due to McCain's attack ads.

Thursday July 24, 2008

Presidential candidate Barack Obama made a speech before Berlin's Victory Monument in Tiergaten Park before tens of thousands of enthusiastic Germans. This is further proof that Barack Obama is far more popular in Europe than in the United States.

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