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Subject: Privacy Lost
Big Brother has younger siblings.

In this Orwellian Society, the honor code of privacy is fast disappearing. No one's records can be regarded as safe. Spying for National Security under a State of War as declared by the Bush Administration has far over reached traditional restraints. Now we learn that ordinary citizens working for spy contractors routinely joy-ride through celebrity passport files and other records at will--apparently without supervision. One can only stare aghast at such revelations and the potential for personal damages--read below.

Government workers repeatedly snooped without authorization inside the electronic passport records of entertainers, athletes and other high-profile Americans, a State Department audit has found. One celebrity's records were breached 356 times by more than six dozen people.

The audit, by State's inspector general, was prompted by the discovery in March that three of the department's contract workers had peeked at the private passport files of Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain and that a State Department trainee had examined the file of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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