Jessie Jackson Apologizes to Barack Obama

Jessie Jackson Apologizes to Obama edt

Jessie Jackson Apologizes to Barack Obama

Subject: Jessie Jackson Apologizes to Barack Obama

Poised Contrition

Once again Rev. J. J. has been snared with off the cuff personal remarks.

However, FOX news was obviously engaged in a fishing expedition, listening in on a private whispered conversation transpiring on a darkened production set. It is clear from the video clip that J. J. was sharing some Good Ole Bro conversation that was not meant for public consumption. Unfortunately, what passes for journalism in today's Orwellian society does not include the code of
"Off the Record" remarks.

Jackson's observation was that Obama talks down to Black People on some issues not giving them credit for being well-schooled and highly perceptive. For this condescension by Obama Jackson quipped that Obama should have his testicles cut off.

The broader picture is that not all Blacks are going to vote for Obama. Moreover, the spirit of Jackson's remarks may well be shared by large numbers of Blacks who were staunch supports of Hillary Clinton.

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