November 2008

11/30/08 Barack Obama Defies Supreme Court Directive
11/30//08 Obama Birth Certificate
11/30/08 Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate
11/30/08 Sarah Obama Says Grandson Barack Born In Kenya
11/30/08 Obama Birth Certificate Errors Made by MSNBC
11/30/08 Obama Spends $800,000 to Prevent Release of $10 Birth Certificate
11/30/08 By Legal Default Obama Admits Kenyan Citizenship
11/30/08 Kenyan Ambassador Admits Barack Jr. Born in Mombassa Kenya
11/30/08 Hal Lindsay - The Obama Birth Certificate Controversy
11/30/08 Kenyans Know Obama is Native Born
11/30/08 Phil Berg on Obama - The Alex Jones Show
11/26/08 What Caused The Economic Crisis
11/26/08 Obama's Use of Hynotic Speech Techniques
11/26/08 Philip J. Berg Asks Obama to Make Him a Believer
11/26/08 Supreme Court justice Directs Obama to Produce His Authentic Birth Certificate by Dec. 1, 2008
11/23/08 Barack Produce Your Birth Certificate
11/23/08 Shadow Government - The Military industrial Complex
11/23/08 False Flag - Cheney Excuse to Provoke Iran War
11/21/08 Obama De Ja'vue - The Gang's All Here
11/15/08 Where Is The Change? Clinton Staffers Recruited by Obama